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What Is Blood Collection Tube and Why Is It Important?
July 13 , 2021

In recent decades, the Blood Collection Tube has been proved to be a critical resource in the medical and scientific fields. A collection tube provides a convenient way to transport and test blood. If you are responsible for purchasing in a hospital, laboratory, or other medical institution, you need to know the Serum Collection Tube as much as possible. In this article, we will introduce the basic knowledge of the collection tube and what we need to know for responsible purchases. In addition, we will discuss the best places to buy the collection tube. 


What are Blood Collection Tubes?

Blood Collection Tubes can have many names, depending on their use. For example, they can be called Clotted Blood TubesSerum Separation TubesAnticoagulant Blood Tubes. The main function of blood collection and transportation is to collect and transport blood and other substances. Besides, a Serum Blood Tube can easily collect blood into the tube. If you are testing blood in the collection tubes, this convenient access is beneficial.


Various Blood Collection Tubes

Not all tubes have the same function when they collect blood. There are several different types of blood tubes that perform specific tasks. The first important classification is the serum tube. The serum tube contains silica particles, which help to coagulate blood. Once the blood clots, the blood tube can collect the blood cells' serum. There are many colors of serum tubes, depending on the brand. Gold and red are two of the most common colors when determining the serum tube. We suggest that you choose products like Superfit Blood Collection Tubes, which are great and affordable.

The next major type of tube is the anticoagulant tube. The anticoagulant has the opposite effect on serum tubes. When the serum tube tries to coagulate blood, the anticoagulant wants to completely stop the blood clotting. If you need to collect plasma or blood cells, the blood that cannot clot is the best. The process of anticoagulants preventing clotting depends on the brand and style. For example, EDTA or purple anticoagulants prevent clogging by introducing calcium into the blood.


Buy your Blood Collection Tubes

The place where you buy Collection Tubes is as important as the one you use. The Collection Tubes are used to preserve valuable materials; In Nanjing superfit i&e Co., Ltd, we hope to ensure that you provide the best service for your patients by providing you with the best medical equipment. All the Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes we stock are the best quality Blood Collection Tubes in the market. If you are responsible for purchasing in a hospital or other medical institution, we encourage you to visit our website. We provide industry-leading equipment, and the price can meet any budget.

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