• 25Feb
    Unite to tide over Covid-19

    We are currently go through the critical period of fighting against novel coronavirus infection  epidemic. As one of the representatives of foreign trade enterprises in Nanjing. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Superfit responded quickly. All staff work overtime to contact factory, logistics and determine production of prevention materials. With the deep friendship of Nanjing people, fully support the government in fighting against the epidemic. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Superfit has coordinated various ways and allocated more than 100000 pieces of protective clothing, goggles, masks, gloves, operating clothes and disinfection products. The donation area covers 10 provinces and regions including Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong. In addition to China, Superfit does not forget our customers and actively helps customers from all over the world to tide over difficulties. Nowadays, our company is stepping up the production of medical protective supplies. At the same time of strengthening epidemic prevention to provide material support for the fight against the epidemic . Nanjing Superfit

  • 15May
    Cooling Eye Mask Cold Eye Mask

    Cooling Eye Mask Cold Eye Mask Reusable Gel Eye Mask for Puffy Eyes, Ice Eye Mask Frozen Eye Cold Compress for Dark Circles, Migraines, Stress Relief, Skin Care - Blue About this item · ❤️Effective Relief for Eyes Discomfort - Whether you are looking for relief from puffy eyes, migraine, headache, or just to relax, NEWGO cooling eye mask is here to help! Use our gel eye mask to create a cold eye ice pack to use for relieving puffy eyes, dark circles, headaches, migraines, tired eyes, or as a hot eye mask to reduce swelling, dry eyes. The flexible gel beads will remain pliable and comfortably conform to the shape of your face even frozen at -18℃. · ❤️Reversible Double-Sided Design - NEWGO Ice pack cooling eye mask is made with medical grade plastic on one side and soft plush fabric on the other side to ensure optimal safety as you sleep. The soft plush side allows direct-skin use and provides spa-like experience, or choose the plastic side for direct colder experience. · ❤️Adjustable & Unisex Fit - With an adjustable head strap, our hot and cold eye mask is sure to fit perfectly on all different head shapes and are suitable for women, men, kids. Designed for long hours of comfortable wear as you relax and rest, and a secure fastener ensures the cold eye mask firmly stay on your eyes even as you toss and turn in bed. · ❤️Hot & Cold Therapy - Just simply put the cool eye compress in the freezer for 2 hours for cold therapy or heat it in the microwave for 10s for heat therapy. Use the plush side for a cool experience or the plastic side for colder experience. Eye mask comes with resealable bag helps for healthful storage and prolong the usage lifetime or isolate the fridge odor. Hand wash, rinse & lay flat to dry.  

  • 05May
    100% Natural Silk Sleep Mask Blindfold,Adjustable Super-Smooth Soft Eye Mask for Sleep with Bag

    100% Natural Silk Sleep Mask Blindfold,Adjustable Super-Smooth Soft Eye Mask for Sleep with Bag · GOOD MATERIAL: Made of 100% high-quality 19mm mulberry silk on both sides. super-soft, super smooth environmentally and economic mulberry silk offers the breathable, cool relaxation of the soothing masks.Most gentle care to your eyes. · Light weight silkly soft sleep mask. It is ergonomic designed by relieving stress and relaxing muscles. providing the best experience of sleep. let you enjoy a comfortable life. · Easy to adjustable and headband won't tangle hair.No chemical smell and generic size,So it suitable for Men/ Women/ Children · HELP SLEEP: To create a good sleep environment, can cover the light irradiation on the eyes, eliminate interference, so that you have a comfortable, quiet sleep. At the same time, can promote blood circulation eye, slow eye congestion, prevent dark circles, bags under the eyes.Enjoy sleep anytime and anywhere, whether it is at home, in a hotel or on the plane (where bright light and dry air can be especially harsh). · With a bag the perfect travel accessories to help keep you feeling good.also an excellent gift for family ,friends, shift & night worker who need deep, uninterrupted sleep and wake up refreshed.  

  • 07Apr
    Invitation of The 87th CMEF Shanghai

    The 87th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Fair CMEF (hereinafter referred to as "CMEF") will be held at  the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from May 14th to 17th, 2023. After more than 40 years of accumulation and precipitation, CMEF has now developed into a medical device expo in the Asia-Pacific region that integrates the entire medical device industry chain, product technology, new product launch,  procurement trade, brand communication, scientific research cooperation, academic forums, and education and training.  Aiming at helping the healthy and rapid development of the medical device industry, it is an internationally leading global comprehensive service platform. I would appreciate it if you could visit us at the   87th CMEF 2023 Enclosed our booths information as below: Date:14th-17th.May,2023 Booth No.: 7.2R11 Sincerely, Nanjing Superfit I & E Co.,lTD

  • 15Nov
    Best Budget Water Bottle: Superfirt Water bottle

    Best Budget Water Bottle: Superfirt Water bottle   This reliable, budget choice from Superfirt has a ribbed surface designed, and comes with a three-year guarantee. It's been extensively tested for safety and the stopper is washer-less so it shouldn't leak. There are some different colors to choose from too. However, because it's made from natural rubber that can get quite hot, it's worth getting an outer cover for it.

  • 01Nov
    9th anniversary celebration of Nanjing Superfit I&E Co.Ltd

    9th anniversary celebration of Nanjing Superfit I&E Co.Ltd   We celebrating the 9th anniversary celebration of Nanjing Superfit I&E Co.Ltd. Administration department prepared sweet fruits and cake, And manager also boiled yummy milk tea.   Surrounded by colorful balloons and sweet smells, We celebrating this special day. On behalf of all employees of Nanjing Superfit I&E Co.Ltd,We would like to tend our warmest congratulation and wishes on the occasion of her 9th anniversary. Wish her a more prosperous and successful future. Nanjing Superfit, A platform for talents. Nanjing Superfit,A cradle for dreams. Let us build a more prosperous Nanjing Superfit.

  • 28Oct
    Wheel chair

    A wheelchair is a chair with wheels, used when walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, problems related to old age, or disability. These can include spinal cord injuries (paraplegia, hemiplegia, and quadriplegia), cerebral palsy, brain injury, osteogenesis imperfecta, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and more. Wheelchairs come in a wide variety of formats to meet the specific needs of their users. They may include specialized seating adaptions, individualized controls, and may be specific to particular activities, as seen with sports wheelchairs and beach wheelchairs. The most widely recognized distinction is between motorized wheelchairs, where propulsion is provided by batteries and electric motors, and manual wheelchairs, where the propulsive force is provided either by the wheelchair user or occupant pushing the wheelchair by hand ("self-propelled")

  • 27Oct
    The advantages of hot water bottles

    Do you know the advantages of hot water bottles? 1. Great for pain relief, heat and cold therapy -Hot water bottles can be used alone for pain relief, aches and sports injuries. In addition to traditional heat therapy, it can also be used as a cold compress for children with fever or to reduce swelling caused by minor injuries. 2.Continuous warmth - Made of rubber. Keep warm for a long time. The ribbed outer surface helps keep the liquid warm. 3.Safe and Cute - This hot water bottle is manufactured according to B.S.1970:2012 to ensure maximum safety 4.Perfect gift choice - The perfect birthday or holiday gift for friends and family, perfect for staying cozy at night. The classic thermos bottle not only warms your body, but also keeps your heart warm during the cold winter months. Place it under the bedspread to chase the cold night air, and you'll experience the soothing comfort of a heating bag.

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  • Q1: Can COVID-19 nucleic acid test swab be replaced with cotton swabs?

  • A: You bought your own kit for testing the new crown. You dare not use his throat swab and want to use cotton swabs instead. In this case, it is not possible, because the thing he gives has a mesh on it that is easy to store and cotton swabs are not convenient. So you'd better be equipped, and you'd better go to the hospital and ask the doctor to test you.
  • Q1: What payment methods do you accept?

  • A: We accept payment by T/T in advance, Western Union, L/C. 
  • Q1: How long is your production delivery time?

  • A: For the delivery time, 7-10days for samples, 30days for mass production.
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