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/Wearable Cooling Tube, Reusable Cooling Neck Cooler
Wearable Cooling Tube, Reusable Cooling Neck Cooler
January 23, 2024

Wearable Cooling Tube, Reusable Cooling Neck Cooler

No battery needed! No charger needed! Freezing starts ANYWHERE below 18°C (64°F). Simply place this neck cooling tube into iced water. 

No ice around you? No worries! It freezes using any AC! Car AC, Office AC, Home AC, ice box, refrigerator, freezer.
* Automatically cooled to a temperature below 18ºC.
* Freezes in air conditioner or cold water from the water purifier.
* Enjoy cool time for 40 minutes up to 1 hour. Cold holding time varies depending on the external environment. No risks of skin necrosis or frostbite through cooling by maintaining an optimal cooling temperature.
* You can use it anywhere, anytime, anywhere, hiking, summer vacation, construction sites.

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  • Q1: Can COVID-19 nucleic acid test swab be replaced with cotton swabs?

  • A: You bought your own kit for testing the new crown. You dare not use his throat swab and want to use cotton swabs instead. In this case, it is not possible, because the thing he gives has a mesh on it that is easy to store and cotton swabs are not convenient. So you'd better be equipped, and you'd better go to the hospital and ask the doctor to test you.
  • Q1: What payment methods do you accept?

  • A: We accept payment by T/T in advance, Western Union, L/C. 
  • Q1: How long is your production delivery time?

  • A: For the delivery time, 7-10days for samples, 30days for mass production.
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