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Superfit’s Response to Xinjiang Cotton Exposed
April 08, 2021

    Recently, the Xinjiang cotton event continued to ferment, so many Chinese brands responded with practical actions for the first time. Superfit responds here to this incident. Superfit passed the factory inspection of workplace conditions assessment (WCA) as early as 2019 and obtained the qualification certificate. WCA is the perfect tool for evaluating, benchmarking, and monitoring facility workplace conditions, Besides, our hot products, Hot Water Bags, and Soft Ice Bags are supplied to Wal Mart, Disney, and other large businesses for a long time. Please rest assured.

    In fact, under the background of the policy of expanding domestic demand, China’s supply level is approaching the world level, and the confidence of the new generation of young people in traditional national culture is becoming more and more obvious. In a good background, superfit should not only prepare for upgrading with the change of consumer demand but also help consumers find a brand identity. There is no doubt that superfit did that.

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