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Why Do Flocking Swabs Provide Better Specimen Collection
June 29 , 2021

Flocked Swab marks the latest development of disposable specimen collection equipment. Flocking refers to the process of coating (multiple fibers) on the surface coated with adhesive, which is called flocking to strengthen sample collection. All flocking swabs have certain advantages in many applications. The reason why flocking swab is a good choice for laboratory professionals to collect specimens is introduced below.


1. Flocking swabs provide the best sampling

Flocked swabs are a good choice for rapid diagnostic tests because they can better collect cells or organisms from collection points and quickly release whole cells. Superfit ® Specimen Collection Swab due to its unique production process, flocking cotton swabs can obtain a higher sample yield. These swabs do not trap the sample because they do not have the same internal matrix core as traditional filament wound swabs.


2. Improve the diagnostic sensitivity

Flocking swabs for collecting cell and virus samples were used for clinical diagnosis of the nasopharynx. It uses the most advanced "spray technology", in the flocking process, through electrostatic charges, vertically millions of nylon superfine fiber attached to the medical-grade flocking head. Static electricity sprayed on the fiber adheres to the applicator tip in a uniform vertical manner. This allows strong capillary action and rapid absorption of cell samples. The sample release rate of flocked cotton swabs was at least 95%, while that of ordinary fiber cotton swabs was 25%. Flocking swabs are compatible with rapids, EIA, molecular, DFA, cytology, bacteriology, and virus culture applications.


3. Rapid elution

Rapid automatic elution can release the sample into the liquid medium instantaneously and spontaneously. Superfit ® flocking swab is fully integrated with the handle, and the open fiber structure allows the sample to move into the liquid medium instantaneously, which is different from the traditional wound swab, where the sample is sandwiched in the cotton core. This not only provides better sample yield, but it also allows faster and more complete sample release into the liquid medium.

 Sampling Flocked Swab

4. Multi-length flock fibers

Superfit ® Specimen Collection Swabs have many lengths of flocked fiber. The diameter of a single strand is only a few thousandths of a centimeter, and the length is between 0.25-5 mm. The binder for capturing fibers has the same flexibility and wear resistance as the substrate. Flocking fiber can form a network structure, soft brush-like texture, quickly and effectively remove cells, and collect and retain more samples than traditional cotton, polyester, or rayon swabs.


5. Easy to handle

Our flocked swabs have preformed breakpoints and printed indicators, so you can easily break the handle before connecting the cap to the vial. Superfit ® sterile Sampling Flocked Swab can be used in dry transport tubes and medium-filled transport tubes. After sampling, only the top of the tube needs to be replaced to realize trouble-free transportation. Contact us to learn more and get your free samples.

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