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What You Can Do for Sports Injuries
March 03 , 2021

There are often scenes in life where you are running, playing ball with friends, then your back tightens, your knee or your ankle screams with pain.

Acute sports injuries such as sprains and strains have simple treatment options that can be easily treated at home. But when should we treat it and which way should we choose?

In the first few hours of a muscle injury, you can sustain it according to the following rules.

Injury Ice Pack

R. I.C.E. is an abbreviation used by many sports coaches and athletes to remember how to treat minor muscle injuries. It stands for rest, ice, compression, and ascension.


Rest the injury. Your injured muscles will be weak and vulnerable to further damage, especially in the first few hours. Stop moving it temporarily to help it heal.


Ice Pack For Knee

Ice the injury once every hour for 20 minutes. The benefits of ice dressing are greatest on the first day or two after injury. Apply a bag of crushed ice or a Sports Ice Pack to your wound. It will help relieve pain and prevent swelling, reducing blood flow to the area.


Compress the injury by wrapping it with a bandage or fix it with a splint.

This can help reduce swelling and prevent fluid accumulation. It can also help relieve pain and keep the injured part a little fixed.


Elevate the injury above the heart to reduce blood flow and minimize swelling. If you have a hip injury, try lying down with one or two pillows under your hips and lower back to help lift it.

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