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Using Oxygen at Home:What You Need to Know
February 02 , 2021

Oxygen is what your body needs to work properly. Your cells need oxygen for energy. Your lungs absorb oxygen from the air you breathe. Oxygen travels through your blood from your lungs and to your organs and tissues.

Some medical conditions can cause low levels of oxygen in your blood. Low blood oxygen may make you feel shortness of breath, tired, or confused. It can also damage your body. While oxygen therapy can help you get more oxygen.

Oxygen therapy is a therapy that gives you extra oxygen. It's also known as supplemental oxygen, which can only be obtained through the prescription of your health care provider. You can get it in hospitals, other medical institutions, or at home. According to the individual situation, some people only need a short period, some people will need long-term oxygen treatment.

Different types of devices can provide you oxygen.

nasal oxygen cannula

The nasal oxygen cannula is used in nonsevere cases, or if there is only mild hypoxia. (e.g. saturation is maintained at 92% stably in patients without lung disease)

Oxygen Face Mask

Non-rebreather masks can deliver 85-90% oxygen for patients with acute disease.

Oxygen Therapy Facial

Venturi mask can provide 24-60% oxygen. Different color models have different oxygen flow rates. The venturi mask is often used in COPD. Notably, it is important not to over oxygenate the patient.

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