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How to Use a Venturi Mask
September 17 , 2021

Supplemental oxygen is an important component of supportive care, both in the hospital and at home. A Venturi Mask is a medical oxygen delivery mask used by patients suffering from chronic or acute respiratory distress. It is vital to highlight that the goal of venturi mask oxygen delivery is to raise the patient's oxygen saturation to normal or near-normal levels, not just to give oxygen.

This article will explain the different venturi flow rates and percentages of oxygen inhaled, as well as the precautions to follow when using a venturi mask for patient care, so that you can better understand and use the venturi mask.

Depending on the connector used, venturi masks can give 24 percent to 60 percent oxygen. They are primarily used in individuals who require high levels of oxygen. The British Thoracic Society recommends venturi masks for patients with acute respiratory distress who require modest doses of oxygen, as venturi masks deliver more consistent oxygen concentrations than nasal cannulae or simple masks.Download Guideline for oxygen use in adults in healthcare and emergency settings.

Venturi Valve

Aside from the stated oxygen flow rate, we must also consider the patient's comfort. Dryness of the oral and nasal mucous membranes, as well as redness or ulceration of the skin where the mask touches the elastic band on the face, ears, and back of the head, may result from oxygen treatment provided through a mask.Please read the following precautions carefully to avoid damage.


1.Hands should be washed with soap and warm water. When working with oxygen masks and supplemental oxygen tubing, hygiene is essential.

2.Check for cracks and discolouration on the mask and tubing. Throw away any damaged masks or tubing.

3.Place the mask over your face, with the small pointed end resting on the bridge of your nose. The mask's larger rounded portion should lie on the chin. Pull the elastic band around the back of the head to keep the mask in place.

4.Pull on the end of the elastic band to adjust the mask for a comfortable fit. Check that the mask and straps are not obstructing venous blood flow. Pain, numbness, and discolouration of the area are symptoms of restricted blood flow.

5.Choose the proper flow valve for the purpose. The color of the venturi valve is determined by the amount of oxygen delivered l/minute. The amount of oxygen delivered depends on the flow rate of oxygen through the inlet and the size of the hole through which air is sucked, so the larger the hole in the venturi fitting, the more ai r drawn into the mask.

6.Ensure that patients and visitors are aware of the dangers of smoking when inhaling oxygen, which is highly flammable.

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