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5 Tips for Better Use Your Hot Water Bottle
August 13 , 2021

While using a hot water bottle may seem trivial, here are 5 easy-to-remember tips to help you maximize your potential while also ensuring your safety!

Tip 1:

Never sit, lie, or apply too much pressure to a hot water bottle as this can cause it to burst. If you use one to heat up your bed, we recommend placing it under your blanket 5-10 minutes before you enter so that it is warm by the time you want to sleep. Remove the hot water bottle before going to bed, and never sleep with one on top of you.

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Tip 2

Always use a hot water bottle with a cover or wrap your bottle in a towel to avoid burns and other injuries. Avoid prolonged contact with a single part of the body.

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Tip 3

Never use boiling water with a hot water bottle because it will damage the seams and increase your risk of injury if something goes wrong. You can use boiling water that has been cooled to a more safe temperature. Also, if possible, avoid using hot tap water, as it may contain impurities that will degrade the bottle. Rather, use boiling water that has been cooled to a safe temperature.

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Tip 4

Make sure the hot water bottle is empty and the stopper is removed when not in use. Keep away from direct heat sources and direct sunlight. Cabinets, drawers, or closets are ideal, but avoid heat sources such as fume hoods, boiler cabinets, or radiators. Constant temperature fluctuations can be harmful to the bottles.

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Tip 5

Replace your Rubber Hot Water Bottle every two years to ensure that you have a safe and well-formed bottle at all times. Rubber will naturally deteriorate over time as part of a natural process.

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